Driving to work

Many people call us daily because they do not like their job, boss or co-workers. It helps release the frustration and make their day more tolerable.

Breaks at work

Sometimes people need to vent during the workday too.

When you are frustrated

Call us and let it all out. Bad customer service, traffic, kids not doing their chores, missing the bus, computer crashing, relatives being controlling, not getting that promotion, feeling unappreciated, someone forgetting your Birthday, burning dinner, whatever. Let it out and get on with your day.

Driving home from work

Many people call us daily on their way home to vent about their day.
Their partner/family is thankful (and relieved) they do not have to listen to it.

Feeling sad or lonely, or going through a tough time

Talking to someone usually helps.
We are here for you. Call us to talk or cry anytime. We care.


We understand.
Many people call us to simply cry. Some call with regrets. Holidays and Anniversaries are different now.
Some people call and talk to us as a proxy for their lost loved one, verbalizing feelings that were never shared.
Some people call regularly during the grieving process (and thereafter).
If you are missing someone today, we understand. It is OK to cry.

What did you do today?

We want to hear about your day.

Good news to share

We want to celebrate with you!

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